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Panel Assembly Line for floors – Fully-automatic

This fully-automatic production line is developed for gluing floor panels that are for instance made up of HDF, PVC, cork and foil with (PUR) hotmelt. The production line offers customers the option of producing tri-laminate floor panels of varying compositions, 24/7. This configuration allows for the production of as much as 1,500 m2 of flooring per hour. This configuration is realised together with a machine manufacturer and compiled fully in line with a customer's requirements.

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  • Floors in residential areas

Line configuration

The heart of this production line is made up of Maan Engineering adhesive equipment. This line integrates two Roller Coater 1600s, one Rotary Laminating Press 1600 and four Drum Melter 200s. The Drum Melters are used to feed the Roller Coaters. Given the high adhesive consumption of these hotmelt units, the Drum Melters are equipped with a change-over device. This means the production line does not suffer any downtime when swapping drums. To ensure the wood is glued properly, a brush section (Round Brush) is integrated in each Roller Coater. For unrolling both cork and foil, Maan Engineering has integrated two Double Unwind sections in this production line, together with the machine manufacturer.

Algemeen lijn configuratie

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