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Maan Rotary Laminating Press

The Maan Rotary Laminating Press is a high-quality roller press. This rolling machine presses double or triple laminate, after the hotmelt has been applied and the laminating process is complete. The purpose of the Maan Rotary Laminating Press is to establish the material bond. The primary function is therefore not to compress, but to allow the glue to be transferred from the glued panel to the laminate. The correct settings of height and speed are therefore very important. The user-friendly graphic HMI and the fine-tuning capabilities ensure the Maan Rotary Laminating Press contributes to the best-quality panels.


+ Individually driven rollers

+ Electronic height adjustment

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Individually driven rollers

The two rollers in the Rotary Laminating Press are driven separately from one another by powerful motors. The benefit of this is that the roller speed can be determined individually, via the touchscreen display. This prevents internal tension that causes warping in panels made of flexible materials.

Electronic height adjustment

The distance from the upper roller to the lower roller can be adjusted via the touchscreen display. The rollers are then moved electrically to the correct position. So the electronic height adjustment ensures continuity in the production process and flexibility to implement different material thicknesses. The Rotary Laminating Press can easily be integrated into a production line, with the master machine then varying the throughput height per panel.


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