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Maan believes in focus. Building coating machines is our speciality. Coating is our business. Together with Maan R&D we have built up a strong reputation in the field of high-quality silicone and hotmelt coatings.

In order to complement our products and to improve quality even further, we work together with a number of valued partners. Depending on your requirements, it is possible to integrate other components such as a printing station, conveyor belt and cutting stations into a production line. The integration of such components and additional processes such as printing, cutting and pre-treatment is done using proven suppliers. We are proud to work with strong brands such as:

Optimat Group

OPTIMAT Group consists of Dutch company Klingelnberg-Klauss, founded in 1951, and Belgian company Vens & Thiers, founded in 1990. The company plays a leading role in the sheet metal industry.

Optimat Group’s dedicated team, now consisting of more than 75 people, is committed every day to unburdening customers. Our motto is “We optimize your woodflow”, we optimize the workflow of our customers. We always opt for quality and also focus on automation and digitalization. This way, our customers are completely ready for the future.

AB Graphic International

Engineering tomorrow’s solutions today
AB Graphic International was established in Yorkshire by the Burton family back in 1954. They established strong roots as an engineering operation. Roots that still remain firmly in place today.

Fast forward, and today AB Graphic International is the global leader in innovative label and packaging solutions.
Their market leading engineers deliver unparalleled service and
use client feedback to perfect their labelling solutions.

Maan Group

Together we want to be leading players. And Maan Engineering takes ‘together’ literally. Whereas Maan Engineering focuses on quality, the market and the customer, product optimisation and product innovation mainly take place within the R&D department of Maan Group. Specific customer requirements are translated here into concrete solutions, which Maan Engineering then realises.


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