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Research & Development

Maan works for you. And that is why we provide service in all kinds of areas. We deliver a distinctive programme for maintenance and servicing, as well as test facilities and an extensive knowledge of applications and materials. Before we talk to you about an offer, we first test the intended application. This means we offer the best possible configuration.

Progress and technology

Smart innovations and solutions for your 'bonding challenge'. The Research & Development department of the parent company Maan Group is the driving force behind the technological progress and distinctive technology that Maan Engineering stands for. This versatile unit is always ready to provide advice, tips and tools, both for you and for Maan's own engineers.

We'll demonstrate our expertise with passion

Whether you're just curious, have an adhesion issue, or are interested in sustainable inventions, we'll take you on a journey into the (live or virtual) world of the Maan possibilities. With a visionary approach and a dose of level-headedness that is characteristic for the region we are located in, Salland. Full-on service free of any obligations, because we are very confident that our innovations will convince you.


Run pilot productions with adhesive equipment? Or would you like to test a new adhesive or surface technique on your own materials? In addition to a modern laboratory where adhesive bonds, adhesives or coatings are analysed, Maan R&D has a test centre where you can carry out test runs on all our industrial (adhesive) equipment.

Advanced machinery

Our advanced test centre features all the basic machines, developed and set up by Maan Engineering, to give you the opportunity to take a really close look at a new machine or technique.

This helps us to guide you in the most comprehensive way possible. From A to Z in the Maan way you've come to expect from us.


Demo room

For the customers of Maan Engineering, Maan Group has an extensive and tightly organised production area where the standard equipment is always ready for operation. This space allows feasibility tests to be carried out for each application presented, as well as the development of new products, or the running of pilot productions. These machines may also be deployed to cover production while waiting for new equipment to be delivered.

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