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The smartest way
to Linerless

Coating Equipment for
Linerless labels

Linerless labels: groundbreaking, self-adhesive labels without backing. The labels of tomorrow's world? No way, Maan Engineering is already making them the labels of today. As a manufacturer or brand owner, you naturally attach great importance to sustainability? The production of linerless labels saves material, freight and other costs, which ultimately promotes the sustainability of the entire production process.

Groundbreaking coating

Our self-adhesive labels feature a silicone coating layer and an adhesive layer. Thanks to the silicone coating, the adhesive does not adhere permanently to the paper. In addition to the lack of a backing, this technology also has the advantage that linerless label rolls contain up to 40% more labels. And 40% is a lot!

But it's not just about linerless labels. Maan Engineering designed the Linerless Coating Line to improve the entire supply chain of label production. The Linerless Coating Line gives label manufacturers or printers more flexibility in label production and the ability to produce a distinctive label. The printer determines the silicone coating and gluing of the paper. The Linerless Coating Line takes care of the rest.

The smartes way
to Linerless

The added value in practice


Linerless labelling a technology of the future? At Maan Engineering, it's already the order of the day. Groundbreaking technology that embraces sustainability. Lower costs, less waste, significantly reduced CO2 emissions and more space in storage. Don't get left behind, switch to linerless labels now!

Benefits of Linerless, 50% less:

Labour costs

Labour costs

Reduced CO2 emissions

Reduced CO2 emissions

Storage en transport savings

Storage and transport savings

Waste reduction


Check out which printers are suitable for processing linerless labels.

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