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Maan Roller Coater Top

The Maan Roller Coater – Top is a premium-quality machine for the application of hotmelts. Ease of operation and process control were the most important considerations behind the development of this machine. This Roller Coater applies hotmelt coating with high precision to the top of flat materials, such as wood, plastic, foam or plastic.
The production speed of the Roller Coater is between 3 and 30 metres per minute.


+ Heated rollers

+ Variably adjustable seals

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Heated rollers

The distinguishing feature of the Maan Roller Coater are its oil-heated coating rollers. As a result, the correct application temperature of the adhesive is guaranteed. The adhesive connection is made under perfect conditions, and the process takes place in a controlled manner. For the same reason, the Roller Coaters are fitted as standard with steel rollers, featuring a non-stick coating, that ensure optimal control of the adhesive temperatures. Other roller types are integrated according to customer requirements. The Roller Coater has a standard feed-through height of 3-100 mm and can be electronically adjusted.

Variably adjustable seals

The seals on the roller are variably adjustable, so the coating width can be set manually. By allowing the coating width to follow the process, you save glue and time. Because the seals of the Maan Roller Coater are mounted on the roller, leaking of glue alongside the roller is ruled out.

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