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Maan develops in a market-oriented way

Hotmelt Flat Lamination

Suppose you have a production line with which you want to process wooden panels as quickly as possible... No problem! Thanks to our high-quality PUR Hotmelt Flat Lamination Equipment, we make it possible to apply adhesives with a very short drying time. We are also regularly asked to develop an adhesive bond that is both powerful and durable. This means that glued floors, for instance, can be used without any worries.

And for building panels that are used outdoors, we also factor in the moisture and temperature resistance of adhesives. This is how we are solving current issues within the Building, Construction & Wood Industry. But we'll never turn away from bonding issues in the Automotive & Transportation, the Textile Industry and General Product Assembly.

Label Coating

Our Roll-to-Roll Label Coating Equipment focuses entirely on the Label Industry. A label manufacturer can distinguish itself in the market by applying its own coating techniques. The Coating Equipment can be used both stand-alone as well as integrated in existing printing and converting lines.

Maan Engineering is a leader in the field of Linerless Coating Equipment. Equipment for the production of Linerless Labels; i.e. self-adhesive labels without a silicone-coated backing. The major benefit of Linerless Labels: less chemical waste, because there is no more backing. It also saves transport space and therefore reduces costs. And with the new HYBRID Maan technology, label manufacturers now produce laminate and linerless on a single machine.


For the Building & Construction Industry

Top-quality Hotmelt Flat Lamination

You want equipment that focuses as much as possible on your end product and processes. What's more, each material demands its own approach, its own specific treatment. Maan Engineering offers plenty of opportunities thanks to PUR Hotmelt Flat Lamination Equipment.


For the Label Industry

Top-quality Roll-to-Roll Label Coating

With Label Coating Equipment, Maan Engineering serves a wide range of companies in the Label Industry. The coating techniques are applied worldwide in the label, tape and packaging industries. We have extensive experience with applications in the field of linerless labels, traditional labels and clear-to-clear labels.

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