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Find your way in
the label supply chain

If you start coating, you need to redesign your production process and buy your own raw materials. So you need to look for new suppliers. From paper to converting and finishing technology. And of course, you also want to know which label applicators can handle your brand new product... The market has a lot to offer. That's why it's helpful if you know your ways around the label supply chain. We are happy to guide you through it. So that you know where to turn with your questions.

Source your own raw materials

The liner, release coating, face and adhesive. The well-known components of a traditional label. In the case of a linerless label, the release coating is applied directly on top of the face. And that makes the liner redundant. This allows you to make substantial savings. On waste, but also on raw materials, transport, storage and labour costs. Very sustainable. Read all about the advantages of linerless here.


How will you make a difference? Find out for yourself. In our material supplier tool, you will find a handy overview of various raw material suppliers. Whether linerless or laminate. Our coating specialists will be happy to advise you.

Raw material linerless and PSA label

Converting and finishing technique

Maan is the specialist par excellence in label coating technology. Our advanced modules operate stand-alone, but perform even better when integrated in a coating & converting line. To ensure the best possible fit of with various coating & converting partner-components at all times, we work closely with various partners. Want to know which market parties prefer coating technology from Maan Engineering? Read more about converting and finishing.

Linerless applicators

Are you considering adding linerless labels to your product range? As far as we are concerned, linerless labels are the future. It is the way to drastically reduce your ecological and carbon footprint. So do it. That this revolution is not just limited to the label production chain is proven by the number of applicators that have been specially developed to apply linerless labels. Want to know which ones? We have compiled a handy overview for you.


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