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Maan makes the difference

Maan is more than just machines. Maan is its people. The skilled thinkers and doers of Maan Engineering develop and supply innovative technology in the form of Hotmelt Coating Equipment. Smart machines for the Building & Construction and Label industries that expertly apply PUR Hotmelt or Silicone Coating to panels, paper or foil. Maan guarantees the continuity of the production process and the best product quality. In the most economical and time-saving way possible. That is our mission.

Bespoke yet sustainable

Maan Engineering translates your 'bonding needs' into solid, well-functioning solutions. From a standard product line. Provided with the right advice and tailored technical support. And that creates opportunities. We ensure the continuity of your production process and the best product quality – all in a sustainable way. Maan delivers the bespoke work that you require!

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