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Hybrid Lamination Coating Line

The HYBRID technology offers label producers numerous new possibilities. Using different coating and converting techniques in a single line, and applying the adhesive and silicone themselves, they can make special laminates that give them an edge on their competitors. Additionally, research demonstrates that it is lucrative for producers to produce their own laminate. Furthermore, the HYBRID technology makes the relatively small linerless market accessible to every label producer. As a result, the hybrid technology gives label producers a massive competitive lead in the market.


The standard configuration consists of these components:

  • 1st Unwind unit for upper (top) material
  • 2nd Unwind unit for siliconized paper or foil (release liner).
  • Silicone coating unit for applying silicone to the top of the material.
  • Hotmelt coating unit for the application of hotmelt adhesives
  • Rewind unit (met foto/doorlink naar component Rewind Station)
  • Drum melter for processing PUR hotmelt, based on the melt-on-demand principle
  • Tank melter: a high-quality buffer unit for PUR hotmelt that can also be used for pre-melting PUR hotmelt in block or granular form.
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HYBRID Lamination Coating Line | NEW HYBRID coating technology


Learn more about the Hybrid Lamination Coating Line? Please contact our Label Coating sales team.

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