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Brush Station – Round Brush

To remove any contamination of the surface to be coated, Maan offers various options. When the intensity of the brushing process is important, we recommend using a Round Brush. This brush system brushes the product in line with the conveyor direction. The Round Brush brushes the contamination upwards where they are removed by suction.


+ Intensive treatment

+ Extremely well suited for particulates

+ Robust machine

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Different bristles and brushes

The Brush Station can be equipped with different types of brushes, depending on the configuration. The variety of brushes is determined by the bristles, which can be flexible or stiff. Different materials are also available for the bristles. Optionally, we can also place two brushes in a row. The brushes are quick and easy to change.

Single-sided or double-sided

The standard brushes are single-sided, but double-sided brushes are also available. In this case, the material is brushed on both sides at the same time.

Brush_Station_Round_ Becker

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