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Hotmelt Coating Line

Hotmelt Coating Line for the application of a hotmelt adhesive coating layer on siliconized paper or foil (release liner) for the production of laminates/self-adhesive base materials.


The standard configuration consists of these components:

  • 1st Unwind unit for upper (top) material
  • 2nd Unwind unit for siliconized paper or foil
  • Hotmelt coating unit for the application of hotmelt adhesives
  • Rewind unit
  • Drum melter for processing PUR hotmelt, based on the melt-on-demand principle
  • Tank melter: a high-quality buffer unit for PUR hotmelt that can also be used for pre-melting PUR hotmelt in block or granular form.
Algemeen label coating

Learn more about the Hotmelt Coating Line? Please contact our Label Coating sales team.

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