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Question meets answer at the In-house Coating Seminar in Raalte

On 29 and 30 June 2022, the In-house Coating Seminar took place in Raalte. A pleasant reunion of all kinds of chain partners from the Label Industry, who often missed each other in recent years because of COVID. Over the past few days, the live event proved its worth. Once again, it turned out to be the perfect opportunity to hear first-hand what companies are doing, what the market wants and how various suppliers (both raw materials and technology) are responding. A success, therefore.

A few highlights

On day 1, the market was the main focus. Fan Wu of AWA Alexander Watson Association and Jürgen Pomorin of Evonik presented an overview of the market; figures, trends and developments in the field of sustainability were reviewed. Then it was time for Nathalie de Boer of Albert Heijn to speak. And that is an interesting one. Albert Heijn: a leading retail company in the Netherlands and Belgium, sells Fast Moving Consumer Goods. So they wear out a lot of packaging. This must be as sustainable as possible, according to Albert Heijn.

Nathalie is a packaging specialist (strategic resourcing) and works on answering packaging questions in the most sustainable, efficient, and integral way possible. A label is an important part of this. What is a brand owner like Albert Heijn actually looking for? In her presentation, Nathalie explained Albert Heijn’s ambitions and guidelines. Recycling is the magic word. And using as little packaging material as possible. Preferably a label will meet the same specifications as the packaging. And materials and raw materials that suit the specific needs of a circular process are preferably applied.

Future Proof Concepts

That these solutions are actually available is proven by the afternoon program in which various suppliers present their ‘future proof concepts’. Henkel presented a washable UV Hot Melt that, for example, responds to an important pillar in the recycling process of Albert Heijn. Namely: Collect, sort, wash & recycle. PE stretch sleeves are also being discussed when it comes to reducing/sustaining adhesives (ambition). Maan Engineering focuses on coating savings with its technology. Intermitted coating is one way of doing this. By optimizing the process, one achieves the desired result with less adhesive. The fact that data logging and smarter processes can play a role in this is what we hear from MPS on day 2.

Day 2

This immediately brings us to the theme of Day 2. How do you ensure that the future-proof developments of Day 1 are made available? How does this lead to more control and a head start? By doing it yourself! In-house coating: Winding Technology, printing technology, converting and cutting. And everything after that. And then that best output: the most precise adhesive layer and an optimal process… Visitors returned home with a smile on their face and a rucksack full of inspiration. Next time again?

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