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Meet Maan Engineering at Label Expo Americas:

learn how in-house coating can strengthen your position as a Label Producer

It is a remarkable time. As a label producer, you often come up against various obstacles… How can you gear your product to the (sustainability) ambitions of the market, when there is a shortage of raw materials on all sides? Supply routes are cut off and you are increasingly being told no by your suppliers… It is time for you to take matters into your own hands. Regain control of your own product specifications by coating yourself.

At Label Expo Americas, we will present you our novelties and tell you how hotmelt coating equipment can strengthen your position as a label producer. Learn how to gain more control over your own product, how to make your process and product more sustainable and how to become less dependent on suppliers.

A warm introduction to Maan Engineerings network of integrators

The best coating equipment does not (always) stand alone. For perfect integration in your coating line, we often work together with leading converting companies. So that your process runs smoothly, and you can always rely on good service. Both on site and remotely.

The people of Maan give you a ‘warm’ introduction to our network of integrators… Curious? Visit Maan Engineering @ Label Expo Americas. Booth nr. 1412

Plan a meeting in advance?  Contact Remco van der Velde:

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