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Post Industrie accelerated the production process with Hotmelt Flat Lamination coating equipment.

It was the adhesive supplier that – very aptly – made the connection between Post Industrie and Maan Engineering. Thomas Wünnemann works as Technical Managing Director at the German company: ‘Thanks to Maan's Sheet-2-Sheet equipment, we have increased the production speed of our trailer floors, without this affecting the quality of the end product.’

Post Industrie specialises in manufacturing industrial and wooden assembly structures for the trade and for logistics. One of the core activities is the production of trailer floors that are made on the basis of screen-print plates. Post does this in series for well-known car manufacturers.

Better, faster, more efficient

Wünnemann says, ‘The machine we used previously to press the materials required a lot of time for the materials to bond. We were convinced that there was a way of speeding up and improving the process, and making it more efficient.’ For advice, Wünnemann called its adhesive supplier. They recommended Maan Engineering as a solution to the issue.

The Sheet-2-Sheet machinery line, where a meticulously applied layer of hotmelt coating ensures a very fast bond, indeed turned out to be the answer. Wünnemann is delighted with the process: ‘Maan conducted multiple tests, both before and after the sale of the machines, with the last test taking place at our site during commissioning of the machinery line. That inspired a lot of confidence.’

Expertise in hotmelt

When asked what distinguishes Maan Engineering from its competitors, Wünnemann answers: ‘Maan Engineering has a lot of in-house know-how and experience. You see that in their extensive expertise in the application of hotmelt coating. But it's also manifest in their Research & Development department and the good relationship that Maan has with various adhesive suppliers.’

But technology was not the only key factor for the company in opting for Maan. Post Industrie also places a premium on close contact with the account manager. ‘We were looking for a party with which the personal contact was good and where mutual trust was clearly a top priority. And we certainly found that in Maan Engineering,’ Wünnemann says in closing.

Sheet-2-Sheet_Production Line
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