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Maan Engineering and LemuGroup announce partnership and product launch

Maan Engineering and LemuGroup launched their new PROCOAT series of coating and converting systems – developed jointly – to supply the Label Industry with an all-in-one solution for high-quality label production lines.

Spain-based converting expert LemuGroup and Netherlands-based coating specialist Maan Engineering are proud to introduce a complete portfolio of label production lines named the PROCOAT series.

The PROCOAT series consists of a range of three options of customizable label production lines that offer a total solution, from printing to Siliconizing and Hotmelt Coating to Converting units, all integrated in a single production line. This portfolio offers label manufacturers a choice between standard PS material Coating and Lamination, Linerless material production or a Hybrid that allows for the manufacture of both products.

“The recognition of the strong, constructive cultures of both our family businesses was the starting point of our collaboration,” LemuGroup’s CEO Iñaki Larrea explains. Maan Engineering’s CEO Bart Oude Wesselink adds that the positive family atmosphere laid the foundation for developing a portfolio together: “With more than a 100 years of collective cutting-edge coating and converting experience, we understand the demands of the label industry.” Iñaki Larrea: “Complementing each other perfectly as technical innovators in the same industry, yet each with our own unique specialty, we seamlessly compose the perfect total Label Production Line”.

From unwinding, printing and coating to boxed finished products, Maan & Lemu offer the ultimate combination of Coating and Converting in a configuration that can be tailored to the individual production requirements.
Maan Engineering & LemuGroup’s joint pride – the PROCOAT series: the best of both worlds in coating and converting in a single top-quality Label Production Line – is now available.

For questions regarding the PROCOAT series, contact either Maan Engineering (+31 572 302 614) or LemuGroup (+34 943 654 175), or alternatively LemuGroup USA for the Americas (+1 860 799 6303).

In these times of Covid-19, safety is of the utmost importance. Maan & Lemu would therefore be delighted to set up interactive livestreams and video meetings with anyone interested. That way a PROCOAT series production line can be seen in action in real life, demo runs can be carried out and live streamed, and of course ideas can be exchanged and questioned answered.

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