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Brush Station – Cross Brush

When a coating has to be applied to materials with contamination on the coating surface, it is advisable to first brush the contamination off the material. Where the process requires extreme precision, a Cross Brush can be used, equipped with a Wandres sword brush. This brush system brushes the product at right angles to the conveyor direction. The effectiveness of the sword brush derives from the innovative Ingromat® technology. With each new stroke, the brush is supplied with the Ingromat® liquid that has both antistatic and adhesive properties. This means its fibres collect all particles, which are then removed by suction in the Brush Station.


+ Bristles always wear evenly

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Bristles and single or double brush

The effectiveness of the brush technology can be determined by the type and quantity of Ingromat® material, the height of the bristles and the pass speed of the panel. In addition, we offer a double brush that may comprise different materials positioned alongside one another. These brushes rotate in opposite directions. The stiffness of the bristles can be varied.

Top or double

The sword brushes are single-sided as standard, but double-sided versions are also available. In this case, the material is brushed on both sides at the same time. The Double Brush can also be designed in a double version with two brushes being positioned behind one another.


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