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Drum Melter 200

The Maan Drum Melter 200 is a high-quality premelting system for hotmelt. It is ideally suited to the processing of hotmelt thanks to the melt-on-demand principle. The heated glue meltingplate melts and pumps only the top layer of the hotmelt. The remaining glue in the barrel remains stable and cannot degrade in quality.


+ Modular and quick-swap meltingplates

+ Real-time display during the process

+ Pump switches off in case of underpressure and overpressure

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Automatic vent and aeration valve

The meltingplate is equipped as standard with one automatic vent and aeration valve. This valve ensures that the adhesive drum is vented when the punch is lowered. When the drum is empty, the valve ensures that air is blown under the meltingplate and the meltingplate is pushed up. The empty glue drum can then be replaced. The valve is located directly downline of the gear pump, so the risk of air in the glue is minimised.

Pressure sensor

The Maan Engineering Drum Melters are equipped with a glue pressure sensor. The combination of this sensor, the control system and the gear pump ensures that the glue pressure is displayed in real-time during the process and is easy to set. The clever integration of these three components ensures a controlled production process. The pump switches itself off automatically at underpressure and overpressure. This eliminates the need for a traditional bypass and prevents ageing of the adhesive or clogging of the system.


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